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We discuss the real harms of today's highly potent Marijuana, and THC on our youth, our families and our communities. 

Our passion and purpose; Share, Inform and Educate 

Since losing our son, Randy, and having so many questions initially left unanswered, we went searching.  We searched all he had left us personally in his photos, journals, photographs, and videos.  Then we went searching about the harms of today’s high-potency cannabis products.  


We want to share all that very we've learned, and help prevent more young people from being misled, experimenting, and hurting themselves.  We want to educate both parents and youth about the dangers of today’s high-potency cannabis products.

In this process, we have created a couple of videos of our son that show what active Cannabis Induced Psychosis and addiction look like.  It isn’t always what people imagine.  We would have never conceived that our son would have completed suicide as his outcome and that this would be our story.  We can’t change our past, but we can help with prevention and create a better future for others.

If you are looking to educate a group of adults, youth or professionals, we invite you to reach out. We are happy to present scientific-based data and facts that will help both parents and young adults to make educated choices about today’s cannabis products.

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